PLA Refill: Eco-friendly solution for 3D printing without spools - Color - Red

Discover a revolutionary approach to 3D printing with our PLA refill - spool-less filaments that offer a more ecological and efficient alternative to traditional filaments. Our PLA refill packages weigh either 750 g or 1000 g and are specially designed for easy installation on the original Bambu Lab spool using a reducer, or on an innovative Refill spool. Both of these methods allow for efficient and smooth printing with minimal waste.

Easy Installation: Refill can be easily fitted onto the original Bambu Lab spool using a special reducer, or onto a printed Refill spool. STL files for printing the reducer and spool can be found in the "Files" section below.

Features of the Refill Spool:

  • Universality: Our spool is designed to accommodate both refill sizes we offer – 750 g and 1000 g.
  • Practicality: Thanks to the securing holes on the spool, the end of the filament is safely stored and prevents unwanted unraveling.
  • Innovative Design: The spool is constructed so that the printer can pull the end of the filament from the securing hole by itself, eliminating the risk of jamming even when using the filament to the last bit.
  • Compatibility: Refill spool is compatible with any 3D printer, including Bambu Lab AMS and AMS lite models, for both refill sizes – 750 g and 1000 g.
  • Usage Flexibility: It can be easily unwound from either a shaft or from bearing or roller dispensers, ensuring maximum convenience during printing.

At Sharplayers, we are committed to innovation and sustainability in the field of 3D printing. Our PLA refill solution represents a step forward towards more ecological printing without compromising on quality and performance.


1. Adapter for Bambu Lab AMS Lite (750 g - 1000 g)

  • 2 pcs are needed for a single spool
  • These adapters are inserted into both sides of the paper spool

2. Refill Spool v4 (750 g - 1000 g)

- added a locking window to prevent the last layer from unraveling, the tightening nut adjusted for better finger grip and tightening

- the spool consists of 3 parts

3. Reducer for refill on Bambu Lab spool