Linear Y-axis enhancement for Ender 3 and Ender 3 Pro

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Linear guide kit for better Y axis speed and stability for Ender 3 / Pro More

This kit will help you achieve more accurate and faster printing with a linear rail that is far more precise than POM wheels moving along the profile. The Ender 3 Pro upgrade is the complete package you need to install linear rails on the Y-axis. This upgrade is for the Y-axis of the printer only.

The package includes:

  • 2x linear carriage MGN12H 
  • 2x linear rail 290 mm MGN 
  • 12x screw M3x8 
  • 4x screw M5x10 
  • 4x flat washer 6.4 DIN125A 
  • 1x screw M4x10 
  • 4x t-slot nut M3 
  • 2x adapter for washer and trolley 
  • 2x preparation for installation of Y-axis linear guide printed 
  • 1x y-axis endstop adapter 


1. We disconnect the heated pad, then remove it from the printer by unscrewing the stabilizer springs.
2. We unscrew the 4 screws that hold the POM wheels and remove the entire pad plate.
3. We will take the rails with the carriage inserted and fix them at each end with the help of nuts in the grooves and M3x8 screws, we will be helped with this by a device for installing a linear guide, which will hold the rails in the desired position. </ td>
4. We attach the endstop adapter to one of the adapters using an M4x10 screw.
5. We attach the adapters to the cart using M3x8 screws
6. Using M5x10 screws and washers, we attach the plate to the carriages
7. We return the printing pad to its place using springs and screws