FDM 3D printers

can  produce physical three-dimensional objects from a  digital template. It is a process of creating a new product, during which material is  layered on  top of itself - the resulting product  is  modeled  from material that  is  gradually added layer by layer. 

SLA 3D printers

they use the stereolithography method , which was the first 3D printing technology. To create objects, they use UV light in the form of a beam or laser, which hardens the polymer resin into the desired shape. The two main technologies used include: DLP (Digital Light Processing) and LCD (Liquid Crystal Display).          

This is a very accurate 3D modeling technique. At the same time, however, it is very expensive, which is why it has spread mainly to dentistry . Formlabs printers and Formlabs printer materials are mostly used in this field .       

Although 3D printers are at a high level these days, spare parts are never enough. ;) 

Glossary of terms from 3D printing world

Glossary of terms from 3D printing world

3D printing is a unique world that can absorb you. But sometimes knowing it can be a problem. And that is why we have prepared a dictionary of terms from the field of 3D printing for you, which will help you to get your bearings in 3D printing a little better and take you a little further. And because the world of 3D printing is extensive, we will continuously add and update the dictionary.